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Online Classes for Songwriter Girls

Do you want to know how to write songs? SongwriterGirl offers online classes via Email, to teach you about writing songs. This training includes lyrical, melodies, rhythms, etc., in many genres: Pop, Rock, Jazz, R&B, Broadway, New Age, Hip Hop, Folks, Trip Hop/Chill, Country, and more.


Songwriter Girl ~ Songwriter Muse

Professional Songwriter helping young girls & beginner songwriters to develop their skill as they learn to navigate the music industry.

To register for Songwriting Lessons, Artist Development Consulting, or Music Industry Coaching, CLICK HERE!

Latest from the Blog

Women Overly Sexualized in Music Industry

After the release of a soulful EP, N15, May lost her manager and had to return to work. But she kept writing songs, hiring her childhood best friend and flatmate as her new manager, and eventually “finessing” a deal with Island Records. She has dropped two irresistible EPs since then. Now, her debut album is…

Women Helping Women

Then, she said, “I like to mess with the music industry, and turn it on its head.”

She Rocks

Women’s International Music Network debuts, “She Rocks”, spotlight series. Read the article here.

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