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Women Overly Sexualized in Music Industry

After the release of a soulful EP, N15, May lost her manager and had to return to work. But she kept writing songs, hiring her childhood best friend and flatmate as her new manager, and eventually “finessing” a deal with Island Records. She has dropped two irresistible EPs since then. Now, her debut album is “in its first trimester”.

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May herself is currently in her third trimester; her baby is due in May. “When I first got pregnant, I was like: ‘Is this gonna end my career?’” she reflects. Her team have been supportive, but after an Instagram commenter sexualised her under a post announcing her pregnancy, she felt more acutely than ever the pressure female pop artists are under. “The industry I work in, it’s full of men,” she says. “Women are sexualised so much. I find it intrusive and disrespectful. For me to do a show, I have to do my makeup, find a stylist. I can’t go and do a show like this,” – she gestures to her baggy Balenciaga T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms – “but every [male] rapper can.”

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[Source: Guardian]

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