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As a woman songwriter in the music industry, I want to help girls learn their craft as they navigate their careers.


When I was a child, I began writing songs, as I walked to piano lessons or back & forth from school. During my high school years, I was in Glee Club. In college, I took my first songwriting class. I marvel at the variety of songwriters.


Eventually, I began writing songs with a 3x-Grammy-winning producer. We wrote beautiful songs together, on & off for 7 years. That was the most thrilling experience, even more than my radio show in France, during college years. I’ve been in a couple bands, but gravitate toward songwriting more than anything. My projects include:

Legacy – Rock Music

Love Zone – Pop/R&B/Soul

It Could Be – Easy Listening

Stars for Ayla – Electronic Dance Music

Riding the Waves – Jazz

Goddess Shimmer – Ambient/New Age

Solace – Compilation for PTSD Survivors

Tim Sweeney, the legendary A&R guy from Hollywood, voted me 1 of 150 up & coming musicians, out of 3000 applicants to his renown MUSIC STRATEGIES. I’ve written more than 300 songs, probably more. These songs are straight from my heart & are written for various genres, including Rock, Pop, Country, R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, Easy Listening, Electronic, Dance, Jazz, Blues, Opera, even Chill, Heavy Metal, Reggae, Folk, Ambient & New Age.

To contact me for musical collaborations, CLICK HERE.


Now, I’m developing an online class for young songwriters. It also works for beginner songwriters of any age.

If you’d like to register, CLICK HERE.

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